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The Church was born in The Heart of God, and it is she the legacy given to humanity so that Through the church The World could be Reached For Christ. The History Of the Church The Tabernacle Pentecostal Inc., started years back into the decade of the Forty. Was at the Beginning Of Year 1941 that Reverend Ignacio Vega, a Servant Of God Guided by the Holy Ghost formed and founded The Church The Tabernacle Pentecostal Inc. The Church Opened its Doors In A Small And Humble local In Trinity Avenue In The County of the Bronx, Where it Remained For a Short Time Until it was Transfered to its New Address In 671 East and 156 Street In The Same County of the Bronx. During its Foundation And Transfer, Rev. Ignacio Vega pastored The Church Up to the Year of 1947, When Decided Quit As pastor. of 1947-1952 the Church Was pastoreada by Rev. Buenaventura Angulo. Was Under Your Ministry Pastoral care that the Church Came To be Incorporated In The State of new York, the Day 27th of October of 1949.

Subsequently, Rev. Ramón Reyes Hernández came to be pastor of the Church From 1952 to 1953. Then The Rev. Osvaldo Ramos came to be pastor of the Tabernacle Pentecostal From The Years 1953 to 1959. From The 1959, the Church Was pastoreada by Rev. Manuel Rivas to the Year 1963; When To Out a Spain In plan Missionary Had What Leave The Pastorate Of Tabernacle Pentecostal Inc.

In The 1963 the Rev. Miguel Colón came to be pastor of the Tabernacle Pentecostal Inc. Was During The Ministry Ministry of the Rev. Miguel Colón, In The Year 1966, and by Initiative Own that the Church Decided Acquire A new venue, Being This Local The First Property In the Church. In The 1970 the Rev. Miguel Colón Was Moved To State of Ohio to Be To Front Of Another Work and the Rev. Angel Colón Jr., Being Co-pastor of the Church, Assumed The Responsibility Of pastoreado Active The 11th of October of 1970. Although Being Very Young EvenThe Church Decided By Vote Unanimous Accept As pastor.

Under the Ministry Ministry of the Rev. Angel Columbus Jr., the Church Happened For a Series Of Transformations And Changes Fundamental, Was Under the Vision Pastoral that This Temple Was Acquired and the Vision Missionary Strengthened Until Your Starting With the Sir In The Year 2001. The Sudden Starting of the Rev. Angel Colón Jr., Brought As Consequence The Need Of Fill The Emptied pastoral In The Tabernacle Pentecostal Inc. Was Of This Way that God Allowed than the Rev. Víctor Vargas Take The pastoreado For a Short Period As pastor Interim.

In The Year 2003, In The My Of February, Rev. Juan Manzano Was Chosen As Pastor for Vote Unanimous. A Through Of Ministry Ministry of the Rev. Juan & Sarah Manzano is Could See In Great Way The Growth In the Lives Spiritual Of all the congregantes. El Pastor Manzano Implement The Motto In the Church, Which one It "Where Each Which one It Someone And Jesus christ It's him Sir”. Also Under the Guide of the Rev. Manzano along with Your Wife, it is reconstruyo The Building Completing This Project In The My Of April 2012. Our Pastor Manzano Died In July of the 2016 and Is In The Presence Of Our God.

No Having Pastor, the Eastern Hispanic District Us Sent To Rev. Rafael and Juanita Reyes and Them Directed The Congregation From September, 2016 to March, 2017. And During This Time The Sir Added Brothers Into the Membership Already that the Congregation Is Kept In The Search Of Sir.

In February of the 2017 the Sir Brought For the Pastors William and Carmen Marcano, Jr. For Pastor The Tabernacle. The Pastor Marcano Is Using The Motto: “Overcoming The Gap Together”. Now Our Pastor Marcano Is Working Hard For the Ceiling Of Our Temple sea Fact and to Then Work For the Basement sea Finished. Of Such Way Can Declare Today that, for 76 YearsUntil Here Us Has Helped ¡Lord!

"Superando La Brecha Juntos"
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